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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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with a final vote by supervisors, linn county became the second county in the state to adopt a higher-than-the-state minimum wage. one supervisor says it's almost certain state lawmakers have taken notice. " and this is actually an encouragement for the for them to take the subject up next session " till then, it's up to cities, large and small, to decide if they want to follow the county's lead. central city mayor don gray hasn't noticed a real rebellion from small business owners here. but he and others on the council have heard some comments. so a what-do-we-do discussion is on the agenda for next week. "business owners think that's it's inevitable, that they're stuck with whatever gets decided, but i would like to have their input it won't be a consensus probably "
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local community will do. but they've heard some common themes. one is the first $1-dollar increase coming in january might not provoke much reaction since the minimum wage hasn't gone up in nearly 10 years. but the 2nd and 3rd dollar hikes in 2018 and 2019 might not go unchallenged. one group advocating for the higher minimum wage is gearing up for a city by city struggle next year. " i think the first year is agreeable to most places but then it's how they feel where do they go from here " wapello county, including e ottumwa, could be next with a final minimum wage hike vote set there for tomorrow. polk county could take a final vote next month and lee county is actively
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kcrg tv9 news. it's a great start to the work week joe. will the sun stick around for this evening? an increase in clouds tonight signals the approach of a cold front from the west. overnight showers and storms develop and stick showers and storms continuing while wednesday and thursday are looking good. by thursday night clouds thicken once again with the next rain chance ahead for friday. once again we will need to watch closely to see if any friday night light football games are impacted by rain. have a goodnight. tonight: mostly cloudy. showers move in late in the night. wind: s 5-15 low: 63 tomorrow: mostly cloudy with scattered showers and a few storms. wind: w 5-10. high: 73 alo: 70 bruce and beth...
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who shot himself at jefferson high school, has died. students reported hearing the sound of gunfire friday morning around eight. when police arrived, they found the teen outside an auditorium, suffering from a bullet wound. he was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, and died around 4:30 the next day. kcrg-tv9's forrest s forrest, some in the community have been frightened by what this teen might have been posting on social media. yeah, there is some pretty startling stuff on youtube and a gaming site called steam. the videos and content are all connected to one account name. multiple people have told us the profile belongs to this jefferson teen. police say they're looking into it. here's why this stuff is so concerning. the day before the suicide, the
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the inside of jefferson high school. it shows about two minutes of hallways and students headed to class. benign by itself, but many of the otphloaded videos are very graphic. they show video game simulations of actual school shootings and mass murders. on the connected steam account, the user appears to have made his own custom design shooting games. one of them in a school. that's led parents of some jefferson students to worry the teen was planning a " with my son in this school, my sons friends in this school, we have a right to know if they're safe." just a few minutes ago the police issued a statement about these mass shooting concerns. after talking with students and monitoring social media, authorities say they don't believe anyone else was involved in friday's incident. they say there has been no evidence of a credible threat against the school, staff or students. additional officers were at the school today to
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additional information is still being asked to contact authorities at 319-286-5400. beth? thanks forrest. available 24-7. call the the national suicide prevention hotline. the number is 800-273-talk. people in eastern iowa answer those calls. a vigil for a university of northern iowa student is scheduled tonight after he drowned in iowa city. authorities pulled the body of nathan twedt out of the iowa river on saturday night. the 20 year old was from marion.
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at 8. three people were taken to university of iowa hospitals and clinics by helicopter today after a crash. dubuque police say an s-u-v tried to make a turn in front of a semi around 10:15 this morning. the two collided, with the semi stopping partially wrapped around a traffic light pole. it happened at the intersection of the northwest arterial and plaza drive. david mcghee, who is 78 from asbury, and his wife alice were in the s-u-v. 70 year old michael wood from yuma, arizona was in not known. republican presidential nominee donald trump spent his day campaigning while his democratic counterpart, hillary clinton, spent her day resting. doctors diagnosed clinton with pneumonia on friday. video showed her collapsing outside the september 11th memorial yesterday in new york. today, trump spoke to potential voters in balitmore. yesterday he had this to say about clinton's health scare. "donald trump / presidential nominee - "i hope she gets well and gets back on
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clinton's campaign will release additional medical records later this week, and called on trump to do the same. trump will appear on t-v later this week to discuss his health regiment, but no word on how much of his health records will be released. a week long, u-s russian cease fire in syria is now underway. the syrian government, along with its main allies russia and iran, say they will abide by it. a half hour before it went into effect, though, there were several reports of violen fighting between the u-s backed opposition and the russian allied syrian government. syria's most powerful insurgent groups have not said if they will abide by it. he was once the prime minister of britain. now, he's out of politics. today david cameron announced he will stand down as a member of parliament immediately. it now sparks an election for his seat. cameron says continuing in his seat caused him concern of becoming a diversion to the the important decisions ahead for his successor. we might still be about two
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people have the chance to vote tomorrow. there are a few school ppel and bond votes slated for tomorrow, and we look at what improvements could come to some districts.
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an increase in clouds tonight signals the approach of a cold front from the west. overnight showers and storms develop and stick with us. tuesday features scattered showers and storms continuing while wednesday and thursday are looking good. by thursday night clouds thicken once again with the next rain chance ahead for
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see if any friday night light football games are impacted by rain. have a goodnight. tonight: mostly cloudy. showers move in late in the night. wind: s 5-15 low: 63 tomorrow: mostly cloudy with scattered showers and a few storms. wind: w 5-10. high: 73 alo: 70 tom. night: chance of showers, mainly early. wind: n 5-10. low: 54 alo: 51 pleasant. high: 72 low: 54 thursday: partly sunny. high: 74 low: 55 friday: showers and storms likely. high: 75 low: 62 saturday: partly sunny. high: 75 low: 61 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 76 low: 55 monday: mostly sunny. high: 78 low: 53 tuesday: chance of showers. high: 76 low: 56 thanks joe. we'll be right
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schools across the country to help ease sleep deprivation among teenagers, and
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the american medical association recommends that middle and high school classes should start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. the ama says that sleep deprivation is a growing public health issue for teenagers, putting them at risk for mental, physical and emotional distre ss and disorders. but when teens get enough sleep, there is improvement in health, academics, behavior and well-being. plus, puberty can cause a biological delay that leads to later bedtimes and wake times among teenagers. it's recommended 8 and a half to 9 and a half hours of sleep per night. the doctors say while starting a delayed school start time can be st ressful for school districts and families; the health benefits for teenagers outwei gh any negative consequences. on cam: for more ways to make mom's life easier, visit for momseveryday, i'm lauren treme.
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in dubuque, people will have the opportunity to extend the school district's physical plant and equipment levy, or ppel. this vote comes up every 10 years and is used to pay for physical upgrades to schools and buses. because this is the only thing on the ballot, the county is only opening 8 polling locations. in mount vernon, the district wants voters to approve a 15 point 9 million dollar bond. it would go toward a new performing arts complex, a new athletics complex, as well as renovating classrooms. it needs a 60 percent supermajority to pass. pay about 211 dollars more a year in school property taxes for a home worth 200 thousand dollars. and a vote is also set for tomorrow in lone tree. people will have the opportunity to vote on a 2 point 5 million dollar bond to build a new health and wellness facility. if approved, it would go up across the street from the school at the corner of devoe and linn streets. it would include a new gym, wrestling room, 3 lanes of an indoor track, cardio weight room,
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to pass. district officials say they're hopeful this is passed. polls in all three elections are open from 7 a-m to 8 p-m. the league of women voters of johnson county wants to make sure voters know about the candidates they'll find on their ballot this november. they've tied into the launch of the website vote 4-1-1 dot org, calling it a "one stop shop" for election information. it's designed to give detailed information about candidates, including their direct responses to the issues. ballot issue in johnson county and the state of iowa. the website also allows you to register to vote and search for voting information. gander mountain will soon have a new facility in cedar rapids. the company announced today they will be the new anchor store at northtowne market shopping center. that's across the way from target on blairs ferry road. the new facility will be 21 thousand square feet bigger, now at 52 thousand square feet. it's set to open spring of next year. "want a kiss?...
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a man and the love for his pet. we'll share their story with you, and how the lost pet was found, next on t-v nine. a coralville man is thankful to
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for saving his parrot. marvin fussell and his parrot are well frequently takes the bird to the ped mall in downtown iowa city. but last week the parrot disappeared. kcrg tv nine's mark carlson reports on how the community rallied to find her. "she wants to lick my face, she wants to sit on my shoulder and play with my whiskers, but it tickles a lot, she wants to eat food out of my mouth. " marvin fussell and his parrot, sunnybird are
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disappeared last week. "i've never clipped sunnybird's wings, i've had her for 14 years and she wants to be with me as much as she can. " fussell has only lived in coralville for the past six months, so he worried sunnybird was lost. "i looked all over, drove around, did not know where sunny bird was. " concerned fussell took to the website nextdoor- dot-com to post that sunnybird was missing. facebook. and then the community rallied-- and found sunnybird about a half- mile away. "sunny bird was in the neighborhood flying from tree to tree, so eventually sunny bird flew into the house at the address where the officer got her, and she closed the garage door so that sunny bird couldn't get away. " a police officer later captured sunnybird and took her to the animal shelter--
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told him there was a parrot at the animal shelter. "i just really got my hopes up, but not too high, but i called, they didn't open to until 10:30 and the lady called about 9 in the morning and said yes we have a sun conifer, and i thought that has got to be sunny bird. " and it sure was. marvin says sunnybird sang for him and gave him kisses-- some 36 hours after she disappeared. in coralville, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. sunnybird did suffer a hurt leg in the ordeal. but marvin says he thiks she will make a full recovery. now here's a look at what's let's go back to joe now for a
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lawmakers weigh in. and a new simpson college poll shows iowans are equally divided on which tonight at 6.
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now we go to new york for abc's tonight, hbl hillary clinton's health scare, and a short time ago, her new message. clinton's legs appearing to buckle beneath her as she left the 9/11 memorial early. and then, more than an hour later, this. why didn't she reveal the pneumonia earlier? donald trump today say, get well soon, but tonight, demanding an something else. also, the pictures tonight. a mosque set on fire, and this evening, new surveillance. what it reveals. and the other stunning fire. the home with nine people trapped inside, six of them children. the breaking headline. the southwest flight and the piece of the engine that broke off mid-flight. the first findings in the investigation now in. and for the first time, jon benay ram see's brother breaking his silence, saying, i know people think i did it, that my


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